In Short

Indoor Music is a collection of writing about things I enjoy. Mostly music.
You won’t find: advertising, a social media strategy, or lines for a porta potty.

Long Version

I began writing about music in my teens, an era of newsprint stains and manila envelopes. In reality, I largely procrastinated writing by focusing on selling ads to small record labels, usually enough to cover printing and postage. The prize and burden were the same: a perpetual stack of jewel cases, and a PO Box full bubble mailers. The jewel cases and newsprint zines are long gone, but largely-overlooked music and opinions about it remain.

Meanwhile, live music’s sloppy nightlife element continues metastasizing into a full-blown lifestyle. Sweaty strangers in parking lots and fields live streaming culture’s most forgettable and profitable scraps.

I still love music, and hidden gems are more accessible than ever. But my distaste for drunk strangers has continued to grow, alongside early-onset tinnitus and appreciation for getting to bed at a decent hour. So, I’m here to talk about indoor music.